How It Works


Dental Holidays Cambodia has an exclusive arrangement with the long-established European Dental Clinic in Phnom Penh. 


Our local host, Angela, will be your first point of contact on dental matters. She will liaise with you about your visit, including providing advice on what is required before your arrival. Angela can also arrange a Skype session with your dentist prior to your booking, to ensure you are completely comfortable and confident with your treatment plan.


Dental Holidays Cambodia offers two tiers of service - Dental Only and Dental + Holiday Support. 


Dental Only includes: 


  • Dental treatment of the highest quality, performed by European dentists.

  • Airport pick-up/hotel drop off and transport to your first appointment by tuk tuk. 

  • A locally-based host to ensure your pre- and post-arrival dental arrangements run smoothly.


Dental Only treatment is billed by the European Dental Clinic and arrangements made through Dental Holidays Cambodia are provided at no additional cost to the client. 


Dental + Holiday Support includes: 


  • Dental Only services as above.

  • Assistance with local accommodation, transport and tour arrangements, provided by your local host. 


The Dental + Holiday Support service is offered at a flat fee of 200 US Dollars (per visit to Cambodia) in addition to the cost of your dental treatment. Support includes detailed advice, assistance and recommendations on accommodation, reliable transport options, restaurants and tourist attractions. Your local host can also loan you a mobile phone, pre-loaded with useful contacts, and make daily contact to respond to questions and provide further advice if required. 


If you plan to travel out of Phnom Penh, Dental Holidays Cambodia can help with your itinerary to work around your dental treatment.  Please keep in mind that your dentistry must be first priority and everything else will be arranged around your program. Dental Holidays Cambodia can be involved with your holiday planning as much or little as you like. 

About Dental Holidays Cambodia


Angela Clifford

Angela is Dental Holidays Cambodia's local host. She is a qualified dental hygienist at the European Dental Clinic in Phnom Penh and will assist with all dental arrangements prior and during your visit.  Angela has lived in Phnom Penh since 2008 and has travelled extensively around Cambodia. For clients interested in Dental Holidays Cambodia’s Holiday Support option, Angela has a wealth of local information, contacts and other resources at her disposal to ensure your holiday is hassle-free.



Elaine Oliver 

Elaine is Dental Holidays Cambodia’s Australia-based contact. She lives in Sydney and has personal experience with receiving treatment at European Dental Clinic, including while holidaying in Cambodia with her family. Elaine is a great point of contact for Australia-based clients who may have questions about the services that Dental Holidays Cambodia offers or would like to chat about holidaying in Cambodia in general.